Friday, January 15, 2010

Miracles of Nature - An experience called The Solar Eclipse

We all from school times knew what a solar eclipse meant and also scientifically why it occured. But nowadays a day of an eclipse is just like any other. Nobody believes in not eating or not going out in the sun during an eclipse.

Today was supposedly the longest solar eclipse of the millenium.

We went to the terrace of the Physics Department and watched the mighty sun trying to hide behind the moon for more than an hour. Too bad it was only partial this time.
There were quite a lot of enthusiasts out there; faculty, scholars, students, family and children.
We saw the eclipse through aluminium sheets, X-ray films, the image through a convex lens and holes pricked on a cardboard box.

Then we were told that the rays that escaped between the leaves of trees also looked curved like what was left of the sun. Then Saf and I kept taking pictures of it. If we were at home or elsewhere everyone would have ignored us for being crazy but here at the IIT and particularly at the Physics Department two Profs who noticed us observing these images enthusiastically told us where we would be able to see them much better. This is what I love about this place.

I was never much of a nature lover. But these little things are just so much fun.

I remember when I first saw an eclipse. Chech (my eldest sister) took all of us to the terrace of my uncle's place and held up two X-ray films and showed us the sun. I still remember how terrified I was when she said that I shouldn't look up with naked eyes cause I could even lose my eyesight. I kept wondering how safe it was for all of us to just stand there (After all the sun looked at us even though we didn't look at it. [I'm just weird]). I being very imaginative started thinking that I'd end up getting sick. Well, this happened in the last century so I've matured now.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Crazy thoughts and a beautiful song!

A train journey alone. 11pm. Lights switched off. All asleep.
The cool breeze and moonlit sky keep me company. Listening to some stirring music and gazing at the da
rkness outside, the romantic in me awakens.
A million thoughts fill my mind...
I pick up my
pen and for the lack of plain paper, I begin scribbling on my ticket.
Instead of switching on lights, I choose to use the light from my phone. I am crazy, aren't I?

We went for a family dinner at a restaurant with Ghazal nite a fortnight back. I wrote out a few favourites of the family that they sang beautifully for us. Once the main course was over, he got up from his seat next to mine and went up to the singer and said something. Just as I began wondering, puzzled, the singer smiled at me and began singing 'Abhi na jaao chodkar.. ' my most favourite song from the old Dev Anand starrer 'Hum Dono'. I couldn't but stop blushing. He kept his eyes fixed on mine, took his seat and whispered in my ears.
And.. I fell in love all over again.
There probably were a hundred million other things he could have done for me but at times it is the simplest of things that mean more to us.
This act touched me like none other. I was transported to a different world.... of this song..

Abhi na jaao chhodh kar ke dil abhi bhara nahi

abhi abhi to aayi ho bahaar ban ke chaayi ho

Hawa zara mahek to le nazar zara bahek to le

Yeh shaam dhal to le zara, yeh dil sambhal to le zara

main thodi der jee to loon, nashe ke ghoont pi to loon
abhi to kuch kaha nahi, abhi to kuch suna nahi
abhi na jaayo chhodh kar ke dil abhi bhara nahi

Sitaare jhilmila uthe chirag jagmaga uthe

bas ab na mujhko tokna, na badhke raah rokna
Agar main ruk gayi abhi toh jaa naa paoongi kabhi
yahi kahoge tum sada ke dil abhi nahi bhara
jo khatam ho kisi jageh yeh aisa silsila nahi

abhi nahi abhi nahi

nahi nahi nahi nahi

abhi na jaao chhodh kar ke dil abhi bhara nahi

Adhuri aas chhodh ke, adhuri pyaas chodh ke

jo roz yuhi jaaogi toh kis tarah nibhaaogi
ke zindagi ki raaha mein, jawaan dilon ki chaha mein
kayi makaam aayenge jo humko aazmaayenge
bura na maano baat ka yeh pyar hai gila nahi

Abhi na jaao chodkar ke dil abhi bhara nahi.... "

With the passage of time, circumstances will change and so will we.
But don't let just one thing change. Your love for me.
Don't love me any less, I need it.
Don't love me any more, I can't handle it.

PS: I couldn't help not posting the whole song. Its just so beautiful. It was sung amazingly by Mohd. Rafi and Asha Bhosle. Love overflows in his voice. Saahir Ludhyaanvi's lyrics are so simple yet touching and the music by Jaidev truly complements it. In all, I find the song just perfect.

Was this a compliment??

The other day I bumped into a girl who falls in the category between that of friends and acquaintances. I smiled and wished her a very good morning. She replied with a bigger smile and said.. 'I really like the way you wear your hair these days.'
I, obviously happy at her remark, said 'Thank you' most gracefully when she added, 'Its much much better than before.'