Friday, March 30, 2012


This is a term that most people around me began to use by the turn of the century in place of the age old term 'housewife'. I have always had a strong dislike towards the use of this term. I guess I felt that each member of a household is a homemaker; what home without each of them.

But of late I have realized there's actually so much truth in calling the lady of the house 'The homemaker'. Yes, she makes it a home. She is home.

Everything keeps changing. Our lifestyles, our attitudes, our priorities. The only one thing that does not change is our dearest homemaker. Whether she is working outside of home or not, she is what holds the family together. Come what may she is our guiding force. She is our source of strength.

Since September last year I been trying to play this role and I guess I have been failing miserably at it. How do our mothers do it??? It is such a responsibility to be the focal point of the house.

Amma, I'm sorry. I haven't done justice. I have come away and left people at home drifting aimlessly. I know not what to do. How I wish I could be like you. How I wish I knew what it takes to make a home. To be home itself.