Friday, May 22, 2009

An Equal Music - Novel by Vikram Seth

I finally finished reading this book a while back.. I unusually took almost a week to finish this book.. The reason I'd suppose is that I am not used to this kind of a book.. which claims to be a story both intricate and intimate, rich with music,art, humour and emotion. Well, I began reading it to learn the style of the author. In the beginning I found it quite difficult to comprehend much of the musical details as I have absolutely no background in European classical music. I hear that Vikram Seth plays a few instruments himself so that would have helped but he has done a lot of work to make this sound perfect. I persisted with this book as I felt there was probably more to it than only the intricacies of music. And yes, it did. The protagonist was but an ordinary man with conflicting thoughts like yours or mine. Maybe that is why I liked the book afterall. He and the woman he loved met after a decade of separation by when she had started a family of her own. Here again her character is so human, being torn apart between her first love and her husband and son whom she loves so much. Almost all characters in the novel are like people one would see around oneself. Everyone has their flaws as well as strengths. and that is what I liked best. It also showed some of the ecstatic and depressing moments that a musician goes through in life. This book was a tad too slow for me and yes, at many places I felt it was rather melodramatic but on the whole it was a good read.I haven't as yet heard an opinion about the book, let alone read a review eventhough it was written a decade ago! So once I have written down what I felt about it, I plan to go read a few reviews.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Miss u... Love u...

If you were to ever miss me...Don't feel sad... cuz you atleast have someone to miss...
Think of all those unfortunate people who haven't had the pleasure of missing someone... the pleasure of just hoping to be with someone.. the pleasure of knowing that no matter what happens, there is someone who would always be there for you...

to make you realize why your life's more precious than you think,
to show you what you're worth,
to help you face life's every hardship with a smile on your face,
to show you the right path when you feel you can't see ahead,
to just yell at you if you've done something that both of you know wasn't right,
to show you how something good comes off every little incident in life,
to laugh with you on the silliest of things,
to inspire you to live life to the fullest,
to assure you that everything's going to be just fine,
to help you discover yourself...

to pray for you
to care for you
to think for you
to feel for you
and to always love you...

Chech.. You are someone I have always looked up to.. and one of the most talented people i have ever seen. I have learnt so much from you in life. You are so far and yet so near.

It is your birthday tomorrow... here's a little prayer for u... and us...

May God make your future so bright
Show you always, the guiding light..

May God take away all your pains and tears
Keep away all bad thoughts and fears...

May the Lord shower on you his choicest blessings
& fill heavenly tunes in your heart-strings...

May the Lord give you memories to treasure and thoughts to behold
& moments to cherish to increase your happiness a hundredfold..

May you have no sorrows, never...
May we be together forever....


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What do I name it?? - My first post...

Having created a profile at a time when the blogging revolution began, I realized that I am neither much of a thinker to put in some wise words in my blog nor a good writer to make it sound good enough...Later having read a lot of blogs which were but simple and genuine thoughts expressed very plainly, I came to realize that even they can be appreciated. Well, not everyone can be the Bard!
I had by then decided that I would post my first blog when I came across a very thought-provoking incident or a ecstatic moment. Unfortunately for me, whenever either of these happened, a blog was not what came to mind.I watched 'Kung Fu Panda' only a few days back. As it said in the movie... The secret is that there is no secret.Well, going by just that for now I write my first blog very well knowing that within a few hours I would think that it was a very silly thing to begin with. What held me back from writing for quite sometime now is not the fear I have of disappointing others but the fear of disappointing myself.
Now, this is a beginning... for all good things to come..