Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What do I name it?? - My first post...

Having created a profile at a time when the blogging revolution began, I realized that I am neither much of a thinker to put in some wise words in my blog nor a good writer to make it sound good enough...Later having read a lot of blogs which were but simple and genuine thoughts expressed very plainly, I came to realize that even they can be appreciated. Well, not everyone can be the Bard!
I had by then decided that I would post my first blog when I came across a very thought-provoking incident or a ecstatic moment. Unfortunately for me, whenever either of these happened, a blog was not what came to mind.I watched 'Kung Fu Panda' only a few days back. As it said in the movie... The secret is that there is no secret.Well, going by just that for now I write my first blog very well knowing that within a few hours I would think that it was a very silly thing to begin with. What held me back from writing for quite sometime now is not the fear I have of disappointing others but the fear of disappointing myself.
Now, this is a beginning... for all good things to come..


  1. As Well begun is half done,
    Your work is made easy...
    Not at all disappointing...My Dear,
    I too believe...
    "This is a beginning...
    for all good things to come...!"

  2. Way 2 go!!!!! Things turn out the best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out..

  3. :))
    gr8 start ur style!!! bingo!
    plz hav a luk at my bhasha 2.......

  4. Good that you started blogging, Tintu...