Friday, May 22, 2009

An Equal Music - Novel by Vikram Seth

I finally finished reading this book a while back.. I unusually took almost a week to finish this book.. The reason I'd suppose is that I am not used to this kind of a book.. which claims to be a story both intricate and intimate, rich with music,art, humour and emotion. Well, I began reading it to learn the style of the author. In the beginning I found it quite difficult to comprehend much of the musical details as I have absolutely no background in European classical music. I hear that Vikram Seth plays a few instruments himself so that would have helped but he has done a lot of work to make this sound perfect. I persisted with this book as I felt there was probably more to it than only the intricacies of music. And yes, it did. The protagonist was but an ordinary man with conflicting thoughts like yours or mine. Maybe that is why I liked the book afterall. He and the woman he loved met after a decade of separation by when she had started a family of her own. Here again her character is so human, being torn apart between her first love and her husband and son whom she loves so much. Almost all characters in the novel are like people one would see around oneself. Everyone has their flaws as well as strengths. and that is what I liked best. It also showed some of the ecstatic and depressing moments that a musician goes through in life. This book was a tad too slow for me and yes, at many places I felt it was rather melodramatic but on the whole it was a good read.I haven't as yet heard an opinion about the book, let alone read a review eventhough it was written a decade ago! So once I have written down what I felt about it, I plan to go read a few reviews.


  1. Any idea why is it called ......An Equal Music
    y equal?

  2. Do read it... u will understand at the end of the book..