Sunday, August 2, 2009


Its Friendship Day today and loads for wishes coming in. All friends old and new wishing each other. Some say that every day of the year is friendship day. Others say that in this busy world it feels good to set aside a day when we'd make it a point to wish all our mates. Friends... well aren't they the most integral part of one's being? Be it as a father, a mother, a sibling, a spouse, a child, a teacher, a colleague... friendship exists within any relationship..

Thinking of friends always brings a smile on everyone's face. You can just be yourself without any qualms and if they don't like what they see they will let you know (like it or not, thats how true friends are). All of us have so many friends. And each one is so different.. so adorable. It is so nice the way we meet and slowly grow on the other. There are times when I wonder how different a person I would've been had I not been friends with any one of them. Well, I have had a few (but thankfully very few) bad experiences in friendship. One can call it destiny when circumstances force a dear friend to move away. But it is so difficult when a friend who has been so close decides to grow apart and refuses to confront you.

I was in such a perplexing situation once. I just didn't know how to handle it. It was after all no mistake of mine. I had been a true friend and given my all. But the friend refused to be a part of my existence and wanted to keep me out of theirs. It took a lot of time and pain for me to realize that the friend too had a choice. If they didn't want me in their life, I needn't beg them to be my friend. But I can't shut the friend out of my life or thoughts. It still keeps coming back to me but it is alright. They say that every person who's path crosses yours has a purpose in your life. I will figure out why this friend came into mine, someday. The other hard lesson of friendship I learnt when I was eight. But let me not talk about it now. Look, on the other hand I have had only two bitter experiences. Why not think about the hundreds of amazing ones.

To all my friends... to some who are childhood pals, to others whom I haven't spent much time yet but still feel like we've always been this way and others who are supposed to be mere acquaintances. I hold each one of you dear to me and closer to my heart than you think.

Thank you.

This is for all my best friends who have made my life worth living...
Amma, Mom, Chech, Mich, Sav, Chinch, SCARANUS, Sheebz, Pogu.

PS: When I started writing this, I had no clue where it was headed. I did put in a lot of abstract thoughts here and there and I sound like a lunatic moving from one line to another totally uncorrelated. But all's fair in love and friendship... This is a plain outpouring of emotions.
(YIKES...... )

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  1. thanx! but at least friendship doesnt need any strategies.... hehehehehe (sorry a PJ)

    personally, I treasure those relatns where no efforts r needed to be 2gether...