Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Best Pals.....

I make friends easily and mostly for life. Many of them are now in far places. A few of my best pals are in Dubai and when my folks left the place for good I felt terrible. I felt we'd never meet and spend time together and we'd slowly begin to stop being such good friends. But five years down the line, today, I can easily say that they are still as dear to me as they were then, if only a little more...
When I couldn't go to Mumbai to meet them, 3 of them decided to come to Chennai to be together for a few days. And boy, did I have the time of my life! These guys are the best friends anyone can have. As my friend said, after this trip we can say that we know each other more than ever. Spending a few hours every week or say everyday for years is a big thing. But we guys had never spent the whole day together. This was a different experience. In half a decade everyone changes; and so have my friends and I. We were never similar but lifestyles and situations have made us more different than we were then. It is true that friends are the family that we get to choose. But can we, really, call them family?
I mean... when we are at home we put up with parents and siblings all the time. We endure their bad moods, tolerate their bad habits and not hold it against them. We learn to accept them as they are. People are easy to handle most of the time but get pretty difficult at times. It really is the difficult times that we don't always see of friends whom you haven't lived with. Being with them 24/7 makes us see them in different light. When you have seen that too then you can say you know them well.
This trip was the most memorable experience I had with my friends. We stayed together for 5 days, day-in day-out. What I did realize is that although we have all grown up, we never grew apart. Despite the distance, despite the differences we will always be around for each other and love each other so.
So now I can say I know my friends very well and that they will always be my best pals. That no matter what I can count on them. They say the world's best friends are not the ones who have the same characters, they are the ones who have the best understanding of their differences.
And, they are my family.

Thank you guys. You'll are the Best!!


  1. Crazy days and screwed up nights
    Tons of crushes and stupid fights
    Secrets we'll take to the grave
    Pictures we'll forever save
    Through thick and thin, always true

    *Best friends 4ever, me and you*” Thanku for that lovely piece!

  2. wow....
    'at was cool....
    man... u shd blog too.... for sure...


  3. great true, all of us will be best pals always,