Thursday, September 10, 2009

Love - True or not

As it dawned on a bright spring day,
I heard the nightingale’s melody
Sitting in the grove’s pleasant shade
she sang for herself... all night all day
Her gilded voice with a thousand echoes
as nature smiled in blissful glee..

And then he came and the cupid struck
She sang for him now through dawn through dusk
His love consort for her angelic symphony
Their love bloomed in the gleaming meadow..

Then one summer night he bade farewell
And asked her to await his return
Said he’d be back to prove his love.

Awaiting him with painful patience
She sang all day. sang all night
Her melancholy strain and forlorn voice.
Her Broken heart and shattered soul...

She tried to break free from him
But she couldn’t ....
For he was now a part of her.

And one winter morn in the icy chill,
her voice was heard no more
Her soul had embraced death.
Her cold listless body slept forever...
Awaiting his return, which would never be.

Alas, she lost herself for she couldn’t let go....

*** If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, its yours. If it doesn’t, it never was. But some people just can’t let go, they try to cling on and never learn true love***


  1. ya.....thats true....
    nice poem,?

  2. something i ve been thru for a long lost love...
    its hauntingly beautiful

  3. wonderfully written...but i just cant seem 2 let go...all i can do is wait in vain for the one i miss the most!