Friday, February 26, 2010

Life isn't a suction pipe!

Wondering what the title's all about? Just look at the number of people around you who say that Life sucks. Oh well, it might be easier to count people who don't say or think so.

We have so much negativity around us that keep a positive attitude is rather difficult these days. Everyone seems to be having a lot of problems and the worst part is many of them say they face only problems in whatever they do. There are some people who keep finding faults with everything around. Aren't we responsible for most things that happen to us?

Look at children themselves. Say a decade back we had the spirit of competition and yet we were happy that our fellow mates won a prize over us. But today children begin to despise their friends for the very same reason. The spirit of healthy competition has metamorphosed into a feeling of selfishness, an anger.

Then there are the ambitious young people. They aim high in life. There are tough times and they struggle to achieve their aims. At this point they crib about how nothing is going right for them. Once they do reach where they want, they talk about the pressure they are in and that they can't spare time for anything else.

Well, it is our call, isn't it? What we want to do! Can't we as a generation learn to be happy with what we have or what we are doing? The grass will always be greener on the other side. No one is devoid of problems. One must get right his priorities in life. What is it that is more important to you? The others may not agree. But once you have decided it for yourself no one can stop you from feeling good about choosing to do what you want to. Feel good and make others feel good too.

At this point I must make a confession. I am a pessimist of sorts. But that has been changing. I have been setting my priorities right, doing what I want to and feeling good about it.

I shall leave it at that and say 'If the world din't suck, we would all fall off.'


  1. well what do I say if we pay close attention many lingos are pessimistic. stinking rich !!! farting all the time abt philosophy

    Well noone bothers abt meanings anymore as long as its hep and happening :)

  2. well said... crisp, short and perfect... :)

  3. Very well written .. and its true ....
    Its not beating the competition its about bettering yourself ... if you improve 1% its a win win

  4. helllooooo :) looong time. wonder how i missed visiting your blog!
    nice post...and very true.