Friday, February 12, 2010

Such is life....

A cool breezy winter weekend, a warm cosy restaurant.

An elderly couple sitting on the couch right behind excitedly discussing their children's visit and how their grandchildren will soon come to spend the winter break with them.

A little girl coaxing her dad to buy her ice cream as her mom does not approve.

A bunch of teenagers celebrating a birthday.

Just then I notice a couple walking in.

The girl is literally hanging on the guy's arm. They take the table next to mine and do not even realize the waiter standing beside them. The Menu cards are handed to them; she closes hers and shares his,warm shy smile on their faces. I notice the look on his face and it instantly makes me happy. He insists that she order for the both of them and she gracefully obliges.

Once the order has been placed and they are left alone, she picks up her phone and chatters away while his eyes are fixed on her. He watches the way she is giggling in the midst of the conversation. He smiles as she glances at him from across the table still busy oh the phone. His smiles gleefully as she is finally done with her call. I am amused at his restlessness; something felt good. She begins talking to him and he listens quietly. He watches and watches while she animatedly seems to recount some incident. It is indeed so refreshing to see such a couple. He moves his hand towards hers. She pulls away and begins texting on her phone. She keeps him waiting again but just as he picks up his cell, she looks back at him and resumes talking.

Then the food arrives. She begins eating while he doesn't seem to be too pleased with the food. My main course arrives and I shift my focus.

After a while I glance at the couple. He seems to be struggling with his food and sipping water instead while she is happily eating. She offers to exchange plates much to his delight but he soon enough discovers that this too he is unable to eat. She helps him out by finishing both dishes. He doesn't seem to want to order anything more and she indicated that she was too full for even dessert. She suddenly seems very tired and starts talking loudly. As he pays the bill, she complains about how frustrating the day has been and tells him that nothing has gone right today and that she is feeling miserable... She just wants to get out of it and unwind. She says that a friend of hers is picking her up, says good bye and leaves. I can't explain the look on his face.

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