Friday, February 12, 2010

A strange nostalgic feeling.... Is it pain or joy, I know not!

Wonder where you are dear friend....
More seasons have past since you left
than the hours we had spent together.

I don't think of you much
for I have much else to think about.
But think about you I do.

When I hear a soulful melody... of a reminiscent past.
When a feeling of nostalgia overcomes me..
In my moments of solitude.

I think of the innocent conversations we had
and the games we played;
for a short while though it was.

Just you and I. And our bright colourful world.
And you had had to leave. And we parted
not knowing what it meant.

I don't know where you are.
I don't even remember much about you.
Not even enough to be able to find out.

I don't know if you ever missed me in all these years.
Or if you even thought about me once.

But I will always keep you in my heart,
my long lost friend. As a sweet tingling feeling
at a corner of my heart.

This special feeling is all mine.
That I wouldn't share..not even with you.
So special that I wish I wouldn't ever find you..


  1. reminds me of my remembering my schoolfriends who I hav no chace to meet again!
    even though online communities got lot of friends in touch the friendship n the nostalgia remains unchanged.

  2. It hurts ..... especially when i have lost a friend over an egoistic fight and things have gone too far