Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ruskin Bond - His world.... and mine....

Its a warm summer morning.. and I'm spending it lazily reading Ruskin Bond. His stories and true life accounts have always been close to heart. It has the innocence of childhood, the inquisitiveness of an adolescent and the simplicity of a young man as he writes during the various stages of his life.

His writing always evokes a feeling of nostalgia and romanticism in me. I imagine myself walking in the orchards at Dehradun enjoying life's simplest pleasures. It is like a dream-sequence. Warm outings, walks and bicycle rides in the garden, reading a book under a neem tree, watching the colourful butterflies fluttering over the pretty flowers going back to the bunglow to have lemonade and snacks in the evening. Where people have not a worry in the world.. people who live in tune with nature. It feels as though I've spent my vacations there. 

I just love reading Ruskin Bond. I become a dreamer. I reach another world. An unpretentious, pure, austere world.

P.S: I guess the photo (taken 2 months back on a similar day) is just perfect for Ruskin as he (and well... yours truly too) believes that no day is complete without Indian sweets and snacks.

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