Friday, August 13, 2010

Mothers... what are they made of?

Mother, I wish I could understand the deal
of how you think and how you feel...

for when I'm happy, you just smile by an eye
yet when I'm down, you pine more than I...

When I want to give up, when I can take no more
you take me by my hand and pull me ashore...

You tell me I'm not alone, that together I am we
whatever the problem, we'll find the key...

How I forget every worry hiding in your bosom
How you've taught me to never succumb...

You are my conscience, my inner soul
You are my strength and path to every goal...

When I'm scared, when I'm unsure I yearn for you
cuz you believe in me and know me more than I do...

You are my life and this is true
when I want the world, all I need is you.

They say that God gives us mothers because he cannot always be with us. I'm luckier cuz I have two... they have always been my best friends. 
I find it very interesting that though I share with them everything that makes me happy, the minute I'm low I cannot do without them.
They are my biggest source of inspiration and the best human beings ever.
When I grow up, I'd want to be just like them.

Love you mom , amma.....


  1. :)) lovely!
    noticed the label "prosetry"

  2. Nice one..
    Hope your mothers read this as well and felt happy..