Friday, September 10, 2010

Why now?

If only I had known
how much you'd loved me...

If only you had told me once
and I would've been yours

If only I had had the slightest clue
and we'd have lived together this life through

for I had loved you so but couldn't confess....
I wish I had; I'd have at least tried...

And now when I began to forget
you came into my life again..

and told me what you oughtn't to;
what now could I possibly do....

I am bound by another's love
its only him for me now...

If you couldn't then, why tell me now?
If you think it helps then tell me how...

for now I feel torn apart..
too much pain I bear in my heart.

I'd yearn for you and you never knew
hurt it did that I kept it from you..

But now our pain of longing hurts me more.
no, my love... we were.. but long long ago

now its just too late
blame it on me or on fate...

I love him so hurt him, I cannot.
it just isn't anyone's fault.

Now leave me alone, just let me be
we were probably never meant to be...

Don't talk to me, don't see me ever
cuz I cannot hold myself, I fear.

I cannot dream of us anymore,
I cannot wish for us to be one.

With a heavy heart and a tear in my eye
that is all I have to bid you goodbye.

I only wish you'd have opened your heart
and we'd have known...and we'd have lived...

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