Saturday, October 9, 2010

Whoever said life was fair!

Oh well... I've been having this itch to post something here since the past few days but things haven't going very well for me on the health and as a result on work front. And if I had to write something, it wouldn't make anyone feel good. So much negativity isn't really required. After all, we all go through bad times. And though we know (read: believe) that this is only a passing phase, there are times when you feel awful.

There are times when one would swear by Murphy's law cuz as you drag yourself through your day, you realize that anything that could possibly go wrong actually does. Well, this was actually what was happening to me since the past two weeks. Every morning I'd have a new issue popping up out of the blue; as though everything else wasn't enough. Time and again I'd just grow tired of the ordeal and tell myself that I've reached the threshold and that I just can take no more. And just when I'd think that no more could go wrong, tada.... a new issue!

Did I have a tough time or what?! But now I'm ok. Not that my problems have been solved,no. Far from it. Most of them still remain in the same condition. What has changed today? My mindset. It is all in the mind, baby. If you can hold your head straight, then no amount of physical problems can ever affect you. I remember when we had gone on a two week vacation to Delhi, Jaipur etc a decade and a half back cuz I wanted to go so badly. My mother had but an HB count of 5 and she went everywhere and did everything cuz she was mentally strong, not physically. And I didn't even know of it until much later!

Last week a bunch of us were chatting over lunch. A friend said, 'I want to grow old soon. I like old age.' to which another remarked that she doesn't seem to realize that old age brings with it a host of health problems'. The former stood up and said, 'I've suffered enough for a lifetime, I've completed my share already.' I don't know what made me cut her off. I proclaimed, 'There DOES NOT EXIST such a thing as one's share. There is no share. Not for a lifetime, there is not. Haven't we seen people suffering and suffering all their lives and you can't help wonder why always them? Why so much? And yet we know many who have, thankfully, led their lives with hardly any major issues.' I don't know if I sounded harsh or whether the statement was unwarranted. But isn't it true?

We don't have a choice with so many things in life. So also with health. All we can do is try not to cause too much harm intentionally. And live life in the best way possible given the luxuries one is granted. No one said life is fair. Only that its worth it.

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  1. i am feeling low today so felt nice reading this it didnt boost me and the 'its all in the mind ' is true but i still feel low. But I know what you meant here.