Saturday, November 28, 2015

Hip disarticulation & pregnancy

The reason I'm writing this post is that when I was expecting my child as a hip disartic amputee, I didn't know personally of anyone who had been through the same. Even googling didn't throw up much information or personalised cases. All that I could find was that prosthesis users will have to discontinue its use beyond the first few months of pregnancy to avoid excessive pressure on the abdomen. My obstetrician didn't have much experience working with a similar patient but being a very practical & calm person, it all worked out well for me.
Having had zero complication through the course of my pregnancy, I would like to encourage ladies with similar issues to go ahead and plan a child with absolutely no inhibitions whatsoever.
Let nothing stop you from enjoying the madness of motherhood !!!


  1. Hi chechy..... i saw your article in manorama.. your words touched my heart and soul. Let it make others eyes open....lots of love..

  2. This is so painful I always feel poor for those girls who conceive with such a pain and later on faces mis carriage they must have tried this will help them for sure