Tuesday, July 4, 2017

To be happy or not to be

All of us tend to get busy with life, maintaining routines and rushing through the day. We yearn to be happy all the time. Yet we fail to remember that happiness is almost never a destination but a journey. A journey of happiness not a journey to happiness.

Today a stranger made my day!
I took the bus this morning to take my daughter to the doctor for her scheduled vaccination. When I left home in the morning I had lots of things on my mind. Some silly chores, some tougher decisions, some worrisome situations. But as I entered the bus, the bus captain (the lady who drove the bus) gave me the warmest smile I could receive this morning. I smiled back and wished her a good morning. But it was she who had made mine. In that fleeting moment I realized that whether or not I bothered about my little or bigger problems, I would actually get through them. But I could choose to tackle them happily in the meanwhile.

If each of us could pass on a smile and make someone's day brighter, what could be better! Even if that means smiling at yourself in the bathroom mirror and making yourself happy. So let's kiss our children more, hug our partners, tell parents and family and friends how much we love them, hold the door for a stranger, give way to someone on the road, smile at or wish people we meet everyday (or not!) but do not acknowledge (a fellow worker who works in the same office building, the security guard, the next door neighbour, the bus captain :-))

Every morning we have a choice. To be happy or not to be.

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